Grabill and Dutch Made Highlighted by Ambassador


For decades, Grabill Cabinets and Dutch Made Custom Cabinetry operated as separate, rival brands. In 2022, Revive Home Brands (who already owned Dutch Made) acquired Grabill Cabinets. RHB’s acquisition helped the two brands realize that they were not directly competing for dealers. Instead, the acquisition provided an opportunity for something that was in direct contrast to the past 60 years of competition: teamwork.

Ambassador Enterprises has highlighted the production integration of our Grabill Cabinets and Dutch Made Custom Cabinetry brands in their 2023 Annual Impact Report. It shows how the acquisition has allowed Grabill and Dutch Made to integrate operations and pursue the highest quality of craftsmanship through shared resources and knowledge.

Check out the report to see how we are pursuing excellence and quality at every level of Revive Home Brands, as well as the communities of people that Ambassador is impacting for the future through a beautiful variety of people and businesses.

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